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We launched the Binance C2C trading platform and announced the details of Binance’s donations to fight the new crown pneumonia.

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Update time : 2021-05-29 14:37:44
Binance fiat currency dynamics

1. Binance C2C platform web version and mobile terminal release. From now on, users can directly conduct cryptocurrency transactions with other users on the web version of the Binance C2C platform, and enjoy zero fee discounts.

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Join the Binance C2C Global Merchant Program and you can profit from C2C ​​transactions.

2. User feedback on Binance C2C platform. We consulted our early partners for their experience and feedback on the Binance C2C platform.

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3. Binance accesses its first banking channel: Akbank, Turkey. Binance platform users can now use Turkish Lira (TRY) to deposit and withdraw via Akbank. In the next two weeks, you can enjoy a zero fee discount for TRY trading pairs trading on Binance, so start trading now!

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4. Buy cryptocurrency through Banxa to enjoy a zero fee discount. Binance users can enjoy zero fee discounts when buying cryptocurrencies using EUR, GBP, AUD through Banxa's most popular payment method.

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Binance trading platform dynamics

5. Binance listed COTI. We have opened COTI/BNB, COTI/BTC, COTI/USDT trading pairs. In addition, we also launched a COTI recharge activity before listing.

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6. Binance changed the name of the USDⓈ market to the fiat currency market. The website has been updated.

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7. Newly listed BUSD trading pairs: ALGO/BUSD, BTT/BUSD, TOMO/BUSD, XMR/BUSD, ZEC/BUSD trading pairs will start trading on February 27th.

8. Newly launched BUSD spot leveraged trading pairs: ETC/BUSD, TRX/BUSD, ADA/BUSD

9. Remove trading pairs: GO/BNB, NAS/BNB, OST/BNB, SNM/ETH, VIA/ETH

10. Binance Position Rebate Platform now supports Lisk position rebate. The event will start on February 27th.

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11. The 16th round of Binance Bao's product launch. BUSD and USDT products have been launched.

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Binance Contract Trading Platform News

12. The Binance Contract Trading Platform released a new customized recommendation link. Users can now customize their own contract trading recommendation code. Click here for details.

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13. Monthly transaction report of Binance Contract Trading Platform. The first report mainly analyzed key trading activity information and data in the cryptocurrency contract trading market.

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14. A 10-second system upgrade. The system upgrade includes the performance improvement of the matching engine and the API's order trailing stop loss function.

Binance ecosystem dynamics

15. Binance and Shyft Network launched the global FATF "travel rules" solution. We will deploy Shyft's decentralized infrastructure to ensure compliance with the FATF "travel rules".

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16. Binance Charity disclosed the details of donations for Wuhan's fight against the epidemic. In order to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, we donated medical supplies worth 10 million yuan to hospitals and institutions in Wuhan. The details of where the aid materials go will be announced in the near future.

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17. Binance.US newly listed BUSD trading pairs: XRP/BUSD, BNB/BUSD, ALGO/BUSD, ETH/BUSD trading pairs will be opened on February 27.

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18. The latest articles from Binance Academy: "Guide to Encrypted Collectibles and Non-Homogeneous Tokens (NFT)", "The 12 Most Popular Technical Analysis K-Line Chart Models", "Blockchain Use Cases: Predictive Markets". In addition, you can learn about the fruitful updates of Binance Academy in the past two weeks.

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19. The latest report from Binance Research: "Case Study: Building Virtual Trading Pairs". How to do long and short operations when trading "non-existent trading pairs"? The answer lies in this report.

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20. The latest episode of Binance Podcast: "My Journey: From Fund Manager to Owner of Cryptocurrency Trading Platform". The guest of this issue Sam Bankman-Fried is the CEO of Alameda Research and

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21. This quick guide will guide you how to bind Binance and WazirX accounts and transfer funds between the two platforms.

Binance team dynamics

22. Choose BUSD to get up to 15% rebate. Use fiat currency to recharge in Binance. For more details, please read this blog.