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Launch Binance Cloud Service

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Update time : 2021-05-29 14:39:37
1. Launch Binance Cloud Service. Our latest infrastructure solutions help users and partners build their own digital asset trading platforms so that they can enjoy the advantages of Binance's industry-leading technology, security and liquidity. Binance Cloud will go live in March. For more details, please read: Bloomberg's Interview with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao: Binance Cloud's latest report.

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Binance Contract Trading Platform News

2. Two new perpetual contracts have been launched: QTUM/USDT and IOST/USDT. Both products are equipped with 1-50 times leverage.

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3. Join the Binance Contract Trading Platform affiliate program. A user participating in the affiliate program has received more than 35,000 USDT referral rewards. Maybe the next one is you.

4. Release of "Binance Contract Trading Platform: One-Stop Platform for Cryptocurrency Traders". This blog post published by the Binance Contract Trading Platform team explains the advantages of using the Binance Contract Trading Platform.

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Binance trading platform dynamics

5. MovieBloc won the 6th round of the community listing PK competition. We have opened MBL/BNB, MBL/BTC and MBL/USDT trading pairs. Congratulations to all the winners.

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6. Newly listed trading pairs: STRAT/BUSD, STRAT/BNB, STRAT/USDT, AION/BUSD, AION/USDT.

7. Binance app upgrade: The new features of iOS 2.8.0 and Android 1.19.0 (now available for download) include:

-View the profit and loss curve of the spot leverage account

-BUSD cross guarantee for contract transactions

-Use Turkish Lira and Nigerian Naira for deposits and withdrawals.

8.'s computer terminal and mobile terminal have opened cryptocurrency credit card instant recharge. This feature will also be available on the APP soon.

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9. Binance Bao's 15th round of products. BUSD and USDT products are now online.

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10. Binance IoTeX holding rebate activity has now ended. This event generated 1,400 new position users.

11. Support the upcoming Cardano network upgrade and the recently concluded Harmony mainnet exchange.

12. A few hours of temporary maintenance of the system. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.

Binance fiat currency trading dynamics

13. Binance opened a Hong Kong dollar trading channel. We cooperate with Epay to provide HKD deposit and withdrawal services on the Binance platform.

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14. Support the use of 7 legal currencies to purchase BUSD.

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Binance ecosystem dynamics

15. Binance.US listed ZIL, supported ALGO holding rebates, and opened a new trading pair. The annual return on Algorand positions is about 16-20%. At the same time, ZIL/USD, ZIL/BUSD, and VET/USD trading pairs are also listed on the platform.

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16. TravelbyBit sponsors Istanbul Blockchain Week. Use BNB to book air tickets and tickets for Istanbul attractions on the TravelbyBit platform.

17. The latest article from Binance Academy: "12 Most Popular Technical Analysis K-line Chart Patterns"

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18. The latest report from Binance Research: "V-ID and MovieBloc"

Binance team

19. "CZ’s Warm Reminder: How to ensure the security of cryptocurrency? ". Binance has always been committed to building a more secure cryptocurrency community to ensure the safety of user funds. In this blog post, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) discussed in detail the topics related to cryptocurrency security from multiple aspects.

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20. CZ accepted an interview with CoinMarketCap blog. CZ shared his story of selling all the apartments and investing in Bitcoin, and revealed his views on the future development of cryptocurrency.

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21. "Should I join the Binance C2C platform?" Hear our users' opinions. Apply now to participate in the C2C Merchant Program of Bisafe Ball. We will review your application within 48 hours.

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22. An open letter to the YouTube community. We express our deep sympathy to the victims of recent hacking attacks, and we will also give advice on how to prevent hacking attacks.

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23. Recruitment of Binance Captain. If you are a group owner, KOL, senior veteran or volunteer, you are welcome to scan the QR code to register as "Captain Binance" and get the corresponding benefits! Scan the code to view specific details!