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BNB contract trading is now available on the Binance contract trading platform

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Update time : 2021-05-29 14:41:52
Binance contract trading dynamics

1. BNB contract trading is now available on the Binance contract trading platform. BNB is the 17th digital asset listed on the Binance Contract Trading Platform. The maximum leverage ratio of BNB contracts is 50 times, and trading will be opened on February 10.

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2. More trading contracts. In addition to BNB, the Binance contract trading platform also lists ZEC, DASH, XTZ, and ATOM perpetual contracts.

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3. New "Composite Margin" function. Composite margin is an innovative model. Users can use BUSD in their Binance trading platform wallet to borrow USDT as margin to continue contract transactions.

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4. The Binance Contract Platform Market Maker Program is now open for commission rebates! Qualified designated trading pair market makers can enjoy commission rebates. As long as your 30-day trading volume on the Binance platform exceeds 1,000 BTC, you can send an email to to participate in the program!

5. New feature: Users can now view contract positions in the "View Transactions" mode, and directly cancel open orders in the list.

6. Want to learn more about open interest? What message does the open interest convey, released by the Binance Futures trading platform team? 》Will help you understand the open interest and its impact on the price of cryptocurrency, so that you can make better trading decisions.

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Binance trading platform dynamics

7. The latest listings: WazirX (WRX) and LTO Network (LTO). We have opened WRX/BNB, WRX/BTC, WRX/USDT, LTO/BNB, LTO/BTC, LTO/USDT trading pairs. Please see below for the WRX token sale status of Binance Asset Issuing Platform.

8. LTO recharge activity. Participate in this airdrop promotion and share 281 million LTO!

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9. WazirX P2P platform access. Starting February 13, Binance users can instantly transfer funds between their Binance account and WazirX account.

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10. Newly launched spot leveraged trading pairs: BNB/BUSD and ETH/BUSD

11. Newly launched stablecoin trading pairs: BTS/USDT, BTS/BUSD, BNT/USDT, BNT/BUSD, ICX/BUSD, and LSK/USDT

12. Global broker plan upgrade. The plan now fully supports contract broker trading and API access modes. Register now!

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13. Daily interest rate adjustment for asset lending. Binance spot leveraged trading platform has now adjusted the daily interest rate of asset borrowing and lending based on market orientation.

14. Binance Bao released the 13th round of products. Including 30-day term loan products of BUSD, USDT, and ERD. Binance Weekly 2020-6 Illustration 16
15. System upgrade. This brief maintenance mainly improved the performance of the matching engine.

16. Remove trading pairs: BTG/ETH, CND/BNB, MCO/BNB, YOYO/ETH, YOYO/BNB

Binance fiat currency trading dynamics

17. Binance added the Russian Ruble as an instant payment currency. Binance users can now bind Visa cards and use Russian rubles to purchase BTC, ETH, BNB and XRP.

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Binance ecosystem dynamics

18. Binance asset issuance platform completed the sale of WazirX tokens. The 10,000 coupons held by 9,033 users won the lottery, and the lottery rate of users reached 43.74%.

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19. Binance Charity donated materials for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We have donated more than 470,000 pieces of medical supplies, of which about 178,000 have been delivered to 100 hospitals and medical teams in Wuhan and surrounding cities. In this war epidemic, we will make more contributions.

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20. Binance Charity worked with the Filipino community to rescue the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption. With the help of the Binance team and the community, our “Binance Angels” stationed in the Philippines delivered emergency supplies to the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption.

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21. TravelbyBit partnered with Expedia to provide more hotel options. Cryptocurrency holders can book more than 600,000 Expedia hotels on the platform. The TravelbyBit team also held the first Q&A event in the Binance team telegram group.

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22. The latest article from Binance Academy: "How does a professional cryptocurrency trader think": This is an interview with Nik Patel, a cryptocurrency trader, investor, and influencer; "Introduction to Elliott Band Theory" takes you to learn more about this Technical analysis theory.

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23. The latest report of the Binance Research Institute: "Analysis of the Defects of the Zerocoin Protocol" analyzes the impact of the Zerocoin protocol (and its defects) on the anonymity of cryptocurrencies; the January 2020 Global Market Report analyzes the "January of the cryptocurrency market" effect". In addition, there is the latest in-depth research report on LTO-Network.

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Binance team

24. CZ's latest Q&A activities. In CZ's latest Q&A event, he shared the latest developments in the Binance ecosystem, including the development of contract transactions and fiat currency platforms, and revealed the concept of "Binance Cloud". If you want to know the true face of "Binance Cloud", please stay tuned!

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25. The European/CIS Fiat Director takes up his post. Iskander Malikov, former COO of TradingView, will help Binance build more fiat-cryptocurrency trading channels in Europe and CIS countries.

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26. He Yi: India is the next key market for Binance. Our co-founder and chief marketing officer accepted an exclusive interview with Blockmanity to discuss Binance’s future expansion plans.

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27. Hai Yu, head of Binance Charity, participated in Pomp's Off the Chain podcast. Binance Charity Head Hai Yu and Anthony Pompliano discussed Binance's charity work and how to use blockchain technology to maximize the impact of charity.

28. Binance X visited the University of Geneva. In the past week, Daniel Onggunhao, Director of Binance X, came to the University of Geneva to give a full day of technical lectures.

Binance Promotions

29. The BUSD market maker zero-fee activity has been extended. Before March 6th (previously February 7th), you will have the opportunity to participate in the event to win zero-cost benefits.