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Binance Lite mode vs. professional mode: which mode is right for you?

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Update time : 2021-05-29 15:18:43
As more and more people enter the crypto asset market, the iOS and Android versions of the Binance app have also launched a Lite mode, making it easier for users to buy coins. The Lite mode was previously only available in specific regions, and more regions have been added. Whether you are a newbie to crypto assets or a veteran Binance user, you can find a model that suits you.

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What is Binance Lite? how to use?

Binance Lite is a feature of the Binance app that makes the process of buying currency easier. In Lite mode, the interface is more concise, focusing on simplicity, speed and ease of use. We put the most commonly used functions on the homepage and reduced the amount of information on the homepage. If you are a newbie to crypto assets, a new user of Binance, or a user who only needs basic functions, then the Lite mode is the best mode for you.

In the future, Lite will become the "default mode" displayed when users download the Binance app for the first time. Users can also switch between Lite mode and Professional mode at any time. Follow the steps below to switch to Lite mode. If you are already familiar with professional mode, you can continue to use the classic interface according to your personal preferences.

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What is the difference between Lite mode and professional mode? Which mode should I use?

For most users of encrypted assets, the Lite mode retains only the most commonly used core functions, making it easier and more convenient to use. There will be no complicated order books and forms in the process of checking prices and buying coins.

The initial impression of Lite mode is a simple, user-friendly interface. You can check the prices of mainstream tokens through the basic functions of the homepage. If you need to trade, tap the token name. The trading interface has also been simplified, without the order book information and advanced form functions required by technical traders.

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The browsing bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly view the wallet balance and asset value. Click the middle button in the browse bar to enter the following functions: buying and selling encrypted assets, recharging of legal currency or encrypted assets, and currency conversion of encrypted assets, etc.

For active traders and advanced Binance users, the professional mode provides a classic Binance app experience, which can seamlessly access Binance's various encrypted asset products and services. Active traders can use the real-time dynamic trading interface, and advanced users can browse all Binance products. In addition to the more complex trading interface, intermediate and advanced users can also use Binance Wealth Management, Binance C2C platform and Binance Contract trading platform. These are just some of the functions in the professional mode. For users who want a comprehensive trading experience, professional mode may be a better choice. In summary:

Lite mode is suitable for:

Newbie to Crypto Assets
Users who want to buy and sell crypto assets in a simple way
Infrequent traders, holders
New Binance User
Professional mode is suitable for:

Active trader
Mature users of crypto assets
Users who want to make the most of the products and services of the Binance ecosystem
Old Binance User
Of course, to find the model that suits you best, keep trying is the best way. Moreover, the Binance app can switch between Lite mode and professional mode at any time. Whether you want a simple and modern interface or a classic interface that you are used to, the Binance app can meet your needs!