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Binance 2019 Annual Report and Milestones

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Update time : 2021-05-29 15:16:33
In 2019, Binance will grow and evolve all the time, from users, data, business, products, to the expansion of its global footprint. Let us review Binance's "lightning growth" and "territory expansion" in the past year.

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1. Maintain a global leading position and continue to grow data

The average daily trading volume in 2019 is equivalent to US$2,852,591,354
Number of global users 15,000,000+
Users cover 180+ countries and regions around the world
Team members come from 40+ countries around the world
The number of online trading tokens increased from 151 to 184
The number of online trading pairs increased from 396 to 591
The website supports 16 languages
The customer service team assisted thousands of users to retrieve more than 200 equivalent 8,875,322 USDT assets

2. BNB Global Application Layout Expansion

The total amount of BNB burned is 5,321,482 BNB, the cumulative equivalent of 207,338,000 US dollars (the cumulative amount of BNB burned in 2018 is equivalent to $120,000,000)
BNB holding users up to 1,000,000+
The average daily number of BNB holdings increased by 40% compared to 2018
BNB global application scenarios expanded from 42 to 180+
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3. Responding to the voice of the community, launch more derivatives trading products

The Binance Contract (launched on September 13, 2019) has a 24-hour maximum trading volume of 2,710,000,000 USDT
Total online trading volume reached 90,090,000,000 USDT
Binance leveraged trading supports 29 tokens and 56 trading pairs
Binance treasure supports 16 tokens and 65 wealth management products
Binance "holding rebate" supports 15 types of tokens (13 projects are in progress, 2 projects have recently stopped)
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4. Expansion of the global legal currency territory to promote the global development of cryptocurrencies

Binance authorized cutting-edge technology to open 5 fiat currency platforms with partners: Binance US fiat currency trading platform, Binance Jersey fiat currency trading platform, Binance Singapore fiat currency trading platform, Binance Uganda fiat currency trading platform, and Binance Australia.
Two months after Binance's US fiat currency trading platform was launched, the 24-hour trading volume was as high as US$14,000,000
Binance legal currency channel supports 300+ payment methods
The Binance legal currency channel covers 170+ countries and regions around the world

5. Decentralized ecology promotes free circulation of value

Binance Chain has undergone 4 system upgrades (Galileo, Hubble, Archimedes, Heisenberg)
121 trading pairs are listed on Binance DEX
A total of 165 BEP2 tokens issued based on Binance Chain
Binance DEX generated 47,363,000 transactions and generated 332,444 addresses
The highest trading volume in 24 hours is USD 52,000,000

6. Provide financing channels for high-quality start-ups in the industry

Binance Launchpad successfully issued 11 tokens
Raised funds of 56,000,000 US dollars
Receive lottery number 1,725,747 lottery
The number of successful draws was 311,583

7. Stimulate the potential and social influence of blockchain technology

Binance X attracts 2,607 outstanding developers from around the world
Binance X's scholarship program supports 50+ projects
Binance Incubator has incubated 21 blockchain projects and directly invested in 14 blockchain projects (3 more than in 2018)
Binance Charity raised US$3,076,215 (US$576,798 raised in 2018)
The beneficiary group covers 100,000+ people

8. Output blockchain education content and build industry infrastructure

The number of articles published by Binance Academy increased from 726 to 854
240 vocabulary expressions
Support 17 languages
57 high-quality educational videos
Binance Research Institute publishes 66 reports: 38 project comprehensive reports, 28 industry and secondary market in-depth research reports
Binance Info increased to 1,323 token information
Binance Podcast launches 32 episodes

9. Discover the blockchain projects that change the industry pattern and help them to attack new heights

Acquisitions and strategic investments total 5 projects: JEX, DappReview, WazirX, Mars Finance, FTX (2 acquisitions/investments completed in 2018)
The number of downloads of Trust Wallet, Binance's first acquisition project, increased from 500,000 to 1,000,000+
Trust Wallet supports the increase of blockchain to 30+ (supports 1 blockchain in 2018)
Trust Wallet supports more than 100,000 assets, including ERC20, BEP2, TRC10, TRC20 and ERC721 assets. It also supports ERC20, BEP2, TRC 10 Tezos, Tron and Cosmos and other tokens for rebates.
Binance's first investment in TravelbyBit's global booking of flights and hotels exceeds 1,000,000+

10. Community Interactions

Successfully held 159 offline meetings in 90 cities around the world, covering 18,000+ users worldwide
Binance executives served as speakers at 66 blockchain conferences around the world
Coin security ball angels increased from 96 to 184
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Want to know when we will reach each milestone in 2019? Read on to learn more highlights!

Binance's 2019 milestones

January 3-Binance Launchpad announced its relaunch. It plans to launch a new token every month in 2019, and then launch the public offering of the first token BitTorrent and the second token Fetch.AI in the new year.

January 16th-Binance Jersey fiat currency trading platform was launched. As a fiat-cryptocurrency trading platform, the Binance Jersey trading platform provides fiat-cryptocurrency trading services in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (GBP). This is the first step of the legal currency strategy adopted by Binance to achieve better popularization and development of cryptocurrency.

January 19th-Binance hosts Singapore Binance Blockchain Week event. This large-scale blockchain event hosted by Binance for the first time includes: SAFU Hackathon, Binance Forum, etc. This event gathered hundreds of leading figures in the cryptocurrency field, and there were thousands of blockchain hobbies that day Participate in activities.

January 24-Trust Wallet supports more blockchains. As the leading cryptocurrency wallet application, Trust Wallet has now launched version 2.0 with the vision to support the global mainstream blockchain.

January 31st-Binance realizes debit card and credit card payment through Simplex. Binance users can purchase cryptocurrency using debit card and credit card payment methods, making it more convenient to apply blockchain.


February 6th-BNB's market capitalization ranks among the top ten in the world. This is a milestone moment. It is an affirmation of the pioneering spirit of the Binance team. It greatly boosted the morale of the Binance team and enabled Binance to better meet future challenges.

February 20th-Binance Chain testnet goes live. The blockchain software system jointly built by Binance and the Binance community has released a beta version. This is the beginning of Binance's decentralization process.

February 22nd-Binance Charity launched the "Children's Lunch" charity project. This is Binance Charity's first project to use blockchain technology to improve the living conditions of children around the world.

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March 12-Binance Incubator Scholarship Program announced the incubation list. Binance Incubator is a new project launched by Binance, which can support developers and researchers to create free and open source projects. The Binance Incubator project demonstrates the importance and support for blockchain talents.

March 20th-Binance Australia platform launched. As the third fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading platform opened by Binance after the Binance Uganda and Binance Jersey trading platforms, Binance Australia has more than 1,300 retail outlets, providing Australian users with the most convenient way for fiat currency to deposit gold.

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March 24th-Binance Launchpad platform began to use the lottery model. After changing from first-come, first-served to lottery mode, Binance has given more users the chance to win the lottery.


April 23rd-Binance Chain and Binance's decentralized trading platform Binance DEX are officially launched. Binance Chain, as the technical backbone of Binance, was launched on the same day as a decentralized trading platform based on Binance Chain.

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April 23-BNB becomes the native asset of Binance Chain. With the release of Binance Chain, BNB has also become a native token. With the first-class speed and performance of Binance Chain, BNB supports countless use cases in the continuous development of the ecosystem.


May 1st-Binance Podcast goes live. The new podcast episodes provide the public with information on the latest trends and developments in the blockchain field, as well as interpretation of Binance’s role in it.

May 7th-Binance overcomes unprecedented challenges. Binance chooses to disclose security incidents with high transparency. It is your unwavering support for us that gives us greater motivation to improve the security system. In addition, our SAFU fund also guaranteed the safety of funds for all Binance users in this incident.

May 31st-Binance Charity and Safe Future in Uganda signed a memorandum of understanding on assisting 100,000 children. The Ugandan government expressed its support for the Binance Charity Children’s Aid Project through this initiative of the non-governmental organization Safe Future.

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June 4th-Trust Wallet integrates with Binance DEX. Support users to directly trade on Binance DEX through Trust Wallet.

June 5th-13 startups successfully graduated from the second phase of the Binance Incubator incubation project. We are always looking for start-ups with good prospects in the blockchain field. Binance has given the latest batch of business entrepreneurial guidance and social resources and other support.

June 13th-Binance 2.0 official website updated. The interface of Binance’s official website has been updated to respond to suggestions from the community and to prepare for new features that will be launched in the future.

June 13th-Binance launched a community listing project. Through this project, we encourage more blockchain projects to list on Binance's decentralized exchange platform, and popular projects have the opportunity to list on

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June 17th-Binance issues stablecoins anchored to BTC on Binance Chain. This is an innovative application of Binance Chain. This issuance is the BEP-2 token BTCB that anchors the value of BTC, allowing Binance DEX to add BTC trading pairs.


July 10-Binance's Singapore fiat currency trading platform was officially launched. This is the official launch of the Singapore fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading platform jointly supported by Binance and Temasek Investment.

July 11-Spot leveraged trading was launched. After this long-awaited function is launched, traders can use the same excellent leveraged trading functions provided by the platform as traditional market transactions.

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July 13th-BNB's market capitalization ranks 6th in the world. The market value of Binance Coin breaks through a new high, and at the same time it is a recognition and value affirmation of the development and progress of Binance Coin.

July 14th-Binance celebrates its 2nd anniversary. “This is a celebration of decentralization, and the Binance team is hosting celebration dinners around the world,” Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said in his speech at the celebration.

July 15th-Binance Charity issues pink coins. Binance Charity and 47 blockchain projects jointly launched the Pink Coin Alliance and distributed 1,100 pink coins to 1,100 girls in Uganda to purchase 1,100 reusable sanitary pads.

July 18th-Binance issued the newly discovered XLM holding rebate rewards. This shows that Binance is honestly fulfilling its promise to distribute the rewards that Binance users deserve for holding positions. After that, Binance created the Binance position rebate platform.

July 26th-Binance block trading platform officially launched. Binance began to provide over-the-counter trading services in January this year, and has since been renamed as a block trading platform to focus on serving corporate users.


August 15th-Binance Academy's 1st anniversary. A total of approximately 3,000,000 users spent 3,932,114 minutes (approximately 7.48 years) learning blockchain-related knowledge at Binance Academy.

August 19-The upgraded Binance iOS app is launched on the Apple Store. We upgraded the Binance iOS app to comply with the strict standards of the Apple Store.

August 19th-Binance launched the "Regional Libra" Venus project. Initiated the establishment of an open blockchain project plan to develop localized stablecoins and global legal currency anchored digital assets.

August adds optional order (OCO). Selective order is the spot trading function most in demand on Binance platform. And this is just the first step we have taken to meet the needs of our users.

August 26-Binance treasure goes live. This new product can achieve passive growth of user assets and at the same time provide a source of funds for leveraged traders on

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August 27th-Binance Commission 2.0 program officially launched. Binance restarts the Super Rebate Program, users who recommend new users can get up to 40% commission rewards, and both inviters and new users can share the rewards.

August 29th-Binance X goes live. Binance X is a developer platform based on the Binance ecosystem. "Developers join the new platform to seek to develop diversified products, cooperate with other developers and promote the growth of their projects. We hope to provide a platform for learning, cooperation, and growth."


September 2nd-Binance announced the acquisition of JEX and launched the contract trading testnet on both platforms. After the acquisition of jex, Binance Ecosystem has further expanded. In order to launch the dual contract as soon as possible, Binance also launched a dual-platform testnet.

September 6th-Binance launched the US dollar stable currency BUSD. This cooperation with Paxos to launch a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar on the Binance Chain was approved by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

September 13th-Binance contract goes live. Binance's entry into the cryptocurrency contract market in 2019 has become one of the most high-profile events in the blockchain industry. With the support of a powerful matchmaking engine, Binance launched the BTCUSDT contract trading pair, which is growing rapidly.

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September 17th-Binance announces its investment in Mars Finance. This is the first time Binance